St Mary & St Thomas CofE Primary School Presentation

Members of the Committee were delighted to visit St Mary & St Thomas School and make the presentation at the School assembly. We received a warm welcome from the children and staff. 

Children’s Charity very kindly approached St Mary & St Thomas CofE Primary School and asked them how they could help improve the children’s school experiences. The school explained the children were in need of some additional playground equipment and some Tonie story boxes for Nursery and Reception.

These gifts are much appreciated and the children have had such joy from using them already.

Mrs Lyndsey Lewis

Here is a picture of Children’s Charity presenting their generous cheque to Lyndsey Lewis, Headteacher, in assembly:

After the presentation we went into the playground to see the children playing with the equipment that had been bought with the donation, they were very excited, and keen to show us what they could do.

“It has been so much fun using all the new equipment but my favourite thing is the balance board. I found it tricky at first but I didn’t give up. Playtimes are even better now!”

— Connor, Year 2

“Thank you so much to the grown-ups that gave us these fun toys – me and my friends love them so much! We take it in turns with different toys, I like to play with the stilts and the balls too.”

— Avery, Year 1

“I go to gymnastics club and using the balancing equipment, like the stilts and the boards has helped me with my balance, but they’re also just so good to play with and you can choose different things every day!”

— Mia, Year 4